PhD, Alternative Medicine

from 1955 to 1962: State and central government service in the field of research and statistics

from 1963 to 2000: Industrialist in plastic industry

from 1975 to 9180: Top Indian exported of plastic products to Middle east, Europe and Africa

First Indian to do plantation successfully in artificial island in Jedhha, Saudi Arabia by using low profile green house technology.

From 1963 practicing naturopathy by giving free treatment to poor people for diseases from cold to cancer. Herbal plantation and its use in form of raw, juice, di-hydrated one or in combination. Started with common diseases and after 1985 concentrated on cancer.

Introduction: Having treated thousands of cases of various disorders free of cost Till the medical facility was available, there after due to certain circumstances decided to concentrate on cancer. The disease and modern allopathic treatment both are horrible and thousands of cases were seen to die mercilessly. Read various references, studied various books and made a base of study.

The comparison of birds and animals in forest, their diseases and with those who are for artificially managed by human being for their food and pleasure gave a fantastic link has to what can be the basic reason for cancer. Forest animals do not get any diseases like human being since they get their food naturally uncooked, unprocessed and free of chemical and pollution. Whereas the animals in rural and urban area get the cancer due to their eating habits just like human being cooked, processed and polluted.