Dr. Rajesh Shah,MD


Dr Rajesh is a global homeopath, researcher and teacher; director of Life Force Homeopathy in Mumbai, India. He is a pioneer of Online practice and has treated patients from 180 countries, which is a world record.

Director: Life Force Homeopathy.

He has developed over 150 new homeopathic medicines, including those from biological sources such as HIV nosode, Hepatitis C nosode, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis nosode, Cancer nosode, Malaria nosode, and more. He has also conducted double-blind, placebo controlled Drug Provings, Clinical trials, experiments in animal models, as well as in-vitro studies with many new and old homeopathic medicines; in collaboration with reputed institutions such as Haffkine Institute, ICT (UDCT), IIT-B, Tata Memorial, etc.

He has also defined force parameters for standardization of potentization. He has introduced a scientific method of development of nosodes.

His research papers are published in peer-reviewed, international journals.


  • “My Experiences with FerrumMetallicum”
  • “Lichen Planus”
  • “Urticaria”
  • “Vitiligo”

He has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners in the US, UK, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Japan, etc.

He is Organizing Secretary of Global Homeopathy Foundation, which conducted World Homeopathy Summit in India in April 2015.

He holds patents in US, Europe, Australia and India for many new homeopathic medicines.